4th Single Album “딱말해” (“Just Tell Me”)


Data wydania/Date of release: 13.05.2015
Lista piosenek/Track listing:
1. Get ready
2. 딱 말해
3. 사랑해 my girl
5. 잠을 너무 못 잤나봐


2nd Mini Album “너무 very 막


Data wydania/Date of release: 12.02.2015
Lista piosenek/Track listing:
1. 너무 very 막
2. 고장난 시계
3. Light(선물)
4. Reason
5. 메이데이
6. 너무 very 막 (Inst.)


3rd Single “Day By Day”


Data wydania/Date of release: 11.10.2013
Lista piosenek/Track listing:
1. It’s Gonna Be Alright (Intro)
2. Day by Day (feat. DEUX’s Lee Hyun Do)
3. 지울수없는 (Memory)
4. U-Turn
5. Goodbye (Outro)


1st Mini Album “Baby I’m Sorry”

MYNAME 1st Mini Album Baby I’m Sorry

Data wydania/Date of release04.07.2013
Lista piosenek/Track listing:
1. Baby I’m Sorry
2. In My Place
3. Let Me Cry
4. 그래 바로 너야 (You’re The One)
5. Luv Taker
6. Baby I’m Sorry (Inst.)


2nd Single “그까짓거” (“Just That Little Thing”)


Data wydania/Date of release: 25.01.2013
Lista piosenek/Track listing:
1. Scream My Name (Intro)
2. Just That Little Thing (그까짓거)
3.Astonished (어이없어)
4. Crush On You (끌리잖아)
5. Dream.. (Outro)


1st Single “Hello & Goodbye”

MYNAME 1st Single Album Hello & Goodbye

Data wydania/Date of release01.06.2012
Lista piosenek/Track listing:
1. Say My Name(Intro)
2. Hello & Goodbye
3. Replay
4. Girlfriend
5. I’ll Forget…(Outro) (잊을게) featuring Hwanhee


1st Digital Single – 메세지 (Message)

1st Digital Single – 메세지 (Message)

Data wydania/Date of release: 27.10.2011
Lista piosenek/Track listing:
1. Message (메시지; Mesiji)
2. Message (메시지; Mesiji) (acoustic version)
3. Message (메시지; Mesiji) (instrumental)


CREDITS: http://myname-sg.com + wikipedia

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