2nd Japanese Album FIVE STARS
FIVE STARS Production Story
FIVE STARS Release Events Summary
Demisoda CF
MYNAME Japan 2nd Live Tour 2014
2014.08.04 Odaiba – New World Live
2014.08.07 – JunQ Birthday Party – Japan
2014.10.10“Kstars Wonderland” – candy making
2014.10.13Kawaii EXPO – Niigata
2014.10.19Sonoda Women’s University – School Festival


MYNAME “Hands Up” Pamphlet
MYNAME  Desk Calendar 2014
MYNAME Wall Calendar 2014
2014.03 – FtoF March


2014.01.24 – Mnet 2014 I’m A Star Too – Idol Battle
2014.02.13 – Graduation (Chaejin)
2014.04.18  Radio VOIN DE BRIDGE (Gunwoo & JunQ)
2014.05.26MBC Idol Futsal World Cup
2014.08.07 – JunQ Birthday Party – Japan
2014.08.08Model Press Interview
2014.08.22Kstyle Interview
2014.08.24Adidas Crazy Court – Insoo
2014.09.12Hiroshima TV Recording
2014.09.13K-mook TOKYO – interview
2014.10.10“Kstars Wonderland” event – korepo.com
2014.11.20The Best Ramen Recording – Seyong
2014.11.28Asian Hana Interview

Release Events

2014.03.25FIVE STARS – Shibuya
2014.03.26FIVE STARS – Ikebukuro
2014.03.26FIVE STARS @Ikebukuro Sunshine (hot-korea.com)
2014.03.27FIVE STARS – Kameido
2014.03.28FIVE STARS – Nagoya
2014.03.29FIVE STARS – Osaka
2014.03.30FIVE STARS – Fukuoka


2014.01.17 – Hwanhee Birthday
2014.02.02 – Kazakhstan
2014.02.03 – Kazakhstan
2014.07.312nd Anniversary Japan fanmeeting “HAPPY”
2014.07.312nd Anniversary Japan fanmeeting “HAPPY” – korepo.com
2014.08.16“A Summer Date” fanmeeting
2014.08.17French fanmeeting  (CapCoree)
2014.12.26Chaejin Birthday fanmeeting
2014.12.29MYNAME 2014 X’mas fanmeeting ~IT’S PARTY TIME~

Handshake events

2014.04.05 FIVE STARS Web Version – Tokio
2014.04.06 FIVE STARS Web Version – Tokio
2014.04.12 – FIVE STARS Web Version – Osaka
2014.04.13 – FIVE STARS Web Version – Osaka

Dream Team

2014.02.09 – Dream Team (Seyong)
2014.03.09 – Dream Team (Seyong)
2014.03.16 – Dream Team (Seyong)
2014.11.16 Dream Team (Seyong)
2014.11.30Dream Team (Seyong)
2014.12.07Dream Team (Seyong)


2014.01.12-13  Hands Up Concert Tour – Tokio & Osaka
2014.01.13 – Hands Up Concert Tour
2014.02.01 – Kazakhstan – Korea Dream Concert
2014.03.23 – NTV “PON! Festival of Spring”
2014.05.15LIVE HOUSE Tour
2014.05.20LIVE HOUSE Tour – Osaka
2014.07.05Fly to the Sky Comeback Concert (Daegu)
2014.07.19Republic of Korea College Expo 2014
2014.08.04Odaiba – New World Live
2014.08.31Pocari Sweat Blue Road Campaign – Fighting Concert
2014.09.12MYNAME start with a great success for their national tour WOW 2 – korepo.com
2014.09.20MYNAME Japan 2nd Hall Tour 2014 “FIVE STARS” – Osaka – koari.net
2014.10.08MYNAME Japan 2nd Hall Tour 2014 “☆☆☆☆☆” @ Shibuya Public Hall – hot-korea.com
2014.10.11Lotte Hot Concert
2014.10.13KAWAII EXPO – Niigata
2014.10.17Kyungin Korea-China Cultural Exchange Concert
2014.10.24SBS Love FM Public Broadcasting
2014.10.25U Clean Concert
2014.10.25Kyunggi Public Broadcasting
2014.11.01Grains Angels Family Event
2014.11.02 – Yeoncheon Paleolithic Festival

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